Miami Herald: Calli Law Obtains $4 Million in Sanctions for Falsely Accused Client

A recent article by the Miami Herald highlighted Calli Law, LLC attorneys Paul Calli and Chas Short’s victory in obtaining $4 million for their clients – a prestigious law firm and its partners – who were sued in a series of frivolous lawsuits. As the Herald summarizes:

The Miccosukee tribe will pay $4 million to [Calli Law’s clients] after targeting them in a series of failed lawsuits repeatedly rejected by courts as frivolous.
. . .
The money goes toward settling legal costs the two incurred in fighting the lawsuits, which resulted in judges sanctioning the tribe and its former lawyer, Bernardo Roman III. A Florida Bar inquiry into Roman is also pending.

The article discusses the lawsuits at length, including the findings by state and federal court judges that the allegations against Calli Law’s clients were made “in the face of overwhelming evidence demonstrating the claims . . . were unfounded and frivolous,” and that the allegations were supported by “no evidence or only patently frivolous evidence.” The federal Eleventh Circuit Court of Appeal also rejected the attempt by the opponents “to create the impression of specificity through page-number shock and awe.”

Calli Law’s victory was also covered by Law360 (subscription required) and the legal blogs South Florida Lawyers and the Southern District of Florida blog.


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