Chas Short Cited by Northwestern University Law Review

Calli Law Partner Chas Short was cited in a recent article in the Northwestern University Law Review, Natalie Ram, Innovating Criminal Justice, 112 Nw. U. L. Rev. 659 (2018). In Innovating Criminal Justice, University of Baltimore Professor Natalie Ram discusses the rising significance of privately developed technologies in the criminal justice system and the trade secrets claims sometimes asserted to shield them from rigorous examination by the defense.

Professor Ram cites and quotes extensively Chas Short’s article, Guilt by Machine: The Problem of Source Code Discovery in Florida DUI Prosecutions, 61 Fla. L. Rev. 177 (2009). Mr. Short’s work on source code discovery has previously been cited by various secondary sources and was cited by the Maine Supreme Court in State of Maine v. Tozier, 115 A.3d 1240 (2015) (Jabar, J., dissenting), which quoted Mr. Short’s analysis that “[u]nlike a witness, whose reliability could be challenged by defense counsel on cross examination, the breath test machine cannot be ‘confronted’ by a defendant unless the defendant understands how the machine actually works.”


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