DBR on Calli Law Victory: “Miccosukees, Attorney Slammed Again”

Over the past three years, Paul Calli and Chas Short have successfully defended clients who were sued in a campaign of vexatious litigation by the Miccosukee Tribe. The Tribe had falsely alleged, in a series of lawsuits in federal and state court, that its former Chairman had conspired with the Tribe’s former administration and professionals to defraud the Tribe. Multiple courts have now ruled that the cases were frivolous and implausible.

A recent Daily Business Review Article, “Miccosukees, Attorney Slammed Again. Another Judge Sanctions Them for Frivolous Suit Against Lewis Tein,” discussed Calli Law’s successful defense of their clients in a state court Civil RICO suit:

[Miami-Dade Circuit Court Judge John] Thornton granted summary judgment two years ago in favor of Lewis Tein. However, he withheld ruling on the sanctions request while the tribe’s appeal of his summary judgment was pending. The Third District Court of Appeal recently affirmed Thornton’s ruling.

After reviewing Lewis Tein’s invoices, Thornton ruled there was no evidence to support the tribe’s claims that the firm overcharged millions of dollars and created fictitious legal work.

Additionally, tribal officers and former employees, including the tribe’s accountant and auditor, testified they had no knowledge of fraud committed by Lewis and Tein, Thornton noted.

Roman testified during evidentiary hearings about his investigation into the allegations, but Thornton concluded the probe was based on “supposition and innuendo.”

In a related case, the federal Eleventh Circuit Court of Appeals affirmed the dismissal of the Miccosukee Tribe’s Complaint against Calli Law’s clients, ruling that it was implausible.



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