FCPA Institute

In recent years, the Justice Department has increasingly focused on Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA) enforcement, making compliance critical for businesses that operate globally.

On January 12-13, 2015, in Miami, Paul Calli  hosted a national FCPA Institute presented by Professor Michael Koehler, a nationally recognized FCPA expert who publishes the FCPA Professor blog and is the author of The Foreign Corrupt Practices Act in a New Era. The program was tailored to in-house counsel and compliance personnel for companies doing business globally. It offered a two-day learning experience and certification ideal for professionals who seek to develop or enhance skills relevant to the FCPA, FCPA enforcement, and FCPA compliance.  The Institute provided:

Foundational knowledge relevant to this new era of FCPA enforcement

The elements of the FCPA’s anti-bribery and books and records and internal controls provisions, and related enforcement theories

The typical origins of FCPA enforcement actions, including the prominent, yet controversial, role voluntary disclosures play in serving as the basis for most FCPA enforcement actions

The “three buckets” of FCPA financial exposure (pre-enforcement action professional fees and expenses, enforcement action fines and penalties, and post-enforcement action professional fees and expenses)

Facts and figures relevant to corporate and individual FCPA enforcement actions Practical and provocative reasons for the general increase in FCPA enforcement

The FCPA’s long tentacles and the wide-ranging business effects of FCPA scrutiny and enforcement

The program, which draws upon FCPA legislative history, statutory text, judicial decisions, enforcement actions, and enforcement agency guidance, will provide participants with practical skills relevant to FCPA compliance best practices, including the ability to conduct risk assessments, tailor compliance policies and procedures to unique risk factors, and manage and minimize FCPA risk.

The FCPA Institute presents the FCPA as a general business, financial, and policy issue in addition to a legal one. This makes the FCPA Institute ideal for professionals such as: lawyers seeking more sophisticated knowledge and skills regarding a niche practice area; in-house counsel and other business and compliance professionals seeking to manage and minimize FCPA risk; accounting and financial professionals, including institutional investors, who seek a better understanding of the new era of FCPA enforcement; and policy makers, journalists, and others seeking deeper knowledge of FCPA issues. The FCPA Institute is also ideal for recent law and business school graduates who seek a competitive edge.


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