The Washington Post and Politico Report on Calli Law’s First Amendment Defense of Journalists

Media outlets including The Washington Post and Politico have recently reported on on Calli Law’s defense of investigative journalists and news organization Project Veritas. Washington Post quotes the firm’s Managing Partner Paul Calli:

“Project Veritas and its journalists never participated in or directed any crime. A journalist must be able to engage in ethical, careful corroboration of source material prior to publication. Accepting corroborative material already in possession of the source, is not a crime. The law says as much and the PV journalists adhered to the law. The fact that sources may elect to plead guilty to a crime changes nothing as to journalists.”

Politico writes:

 A lawyer for the group, Paul Calli, defended its actions in connection with the diary and suggested that charges against it or its personnel would be unwarranted.

“Project Veritas’s news gathering was ethical and legal,” Calli said in a statement. “A journalist’s lawful receipt of material later alleged to be stolen is routine, commonplace, and protected by the First Amendment.”


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